Catalysing Growth, Not Cannibalising Results

In contrast to media agencies, our approach prioritises maximising your organic traffic first, then uses paid marketing to compliment it. Paid marketing is invaluable when establishing your presence in new markets, for new services, or when aiming to generate more leads.

Paid marketing is a catalyst for enhancing your overall organic and direct traffic performance. Partnering with a Search Integration consultant ensures you have a collaborative expert, who prioritises your control over your accounts. Setting up a structure that is transparent and driven to meet your standards – not buy more ads!

You can work with Search Integration to manage your entire paid marketing activities, or perform account auditing and verification to support and strengthen your in-house capabilities. Whichever approach you prefer, our experienced consultants can help.

Paid Marketing Audits

Get your paid marketing accounts audited on a regular basis. We discover ways for you to improve and optimise performance – even if you work with it daily in-house. Our checklist and best practices guide your account and campaign structure to a higher standard, ensuring you maintain good governance and control.

SEM Framework

Our SEM Frameworks stop cannibalisation between pages and let SEO drive traffic – if you have solid and good positions. The Framework will support your content strategy as well to make sure you deliver what is expected from each landing page.

Integrated Consultants

Our team can run your online video, social and search campaigns for you – taking full responsibility for the results. However some businesses prefer to control accounts themselves. For these, we educate and train your staff to bring digital marketing in-house. Our open and transparent approach drives knowledge transfer from decades of multilingual online advertising experience.