Independent Assessment

Search Integration acts as your advisor – independent from your web agency and media agency.

We have a proven track record of conducting audits and SWOT assessments to pinpoint and find what is blocking you from further success in the search engines and your online presence. Our auditing service combines deep-dive crawl tests with human experiences of our consultants to review and suggest changes that are customised for your website to reach better performance and visibility. Our traffic light system scoring methodology makes it easy to prioritise next steps and share your ongoing performance with managers and stakeholders.

Healthcheck & Audits

An “x-ray” of your website and digital marketing efforts, these ensure your organisations focuses resources effectively. They can reveal hidden problems that need to be addressed that can hinder your visibility in the search engines, or can impact the accuracy/usefulness of your data.

SWOT Assessment

Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats with our comprehensive performance assessment. Focusing on specific business segments or website categories, we uncover missed opportunities and provide detailed insights into key areas for improvement. Discover actionable opportunities and receive examples of best practices.

Benchmark & Share of Search

Comparing your performance with competitors is essential for prioritising search visibility. Gain insights into your own and your competitors’ rankings and search volumes for key terms. Identify growing demand trends and assess how well you meet these needs – helping you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.

Understanding your website’s current performance and comparing it with competitors is crucial to meet the market need. Regardless of your digital transformation stage, we can reveal what is needed to act on and what opportunities to further explore.