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Consider Search Integration your outsourced data compliance and data quality team – extending your team’s capabilities and enriching your knowledge base.

Ensure Compliance and Data Integrity

Search Integration eliminate the headache of both data collection management and GDPR compliance for your website. Acting as your liaison between your between Marketing, Technology, Legal, and Data teams, we build best practice data streams around strict privacy compliance.

Our experts streamline and optimise data collection processes and ensure compliance with industry standards, privacy laws, and ethical practices. Specialising in GDPR and ePrivacy Directive compliance, we ease your compliance headaches by providing assurance that data is managed responsibly.

Data Privacy & Governance

GDPR and ePD assessments of your web properties reveal the complete picture of your website’s data collection and cookie structure.

Such forensic detail allows us to act as experts bridging between your Marketing, IT, Legal, and Data teams – fostering consensus and establishing guideline frameworks.

Data Collection & Setup

By first assessing and reviewing your current data collection approach, we implement structured data plans to provide a unified, efficient setup framework for your data.

We are tool agnostic, though our expertise is focused around Google Analytics and Piwik Pro – two similar tools with very different approaches.

Monitoring & Support

Good data can easily become polluted. Our data management and support service ensures your tools are always up-to-date and effectively managed to prevent minor issues from escalating.

GDPR and ePD compliance is required at all times. Our compliance monitoring service ensures your organisation meets its legal obligations and maintains trust with your customers.

Our independent, expert advice has helped some of the world’s top companies improve their data collection and compliance for more than fifteen years.

Unrivalled insight with Verified Data

Verified Data is a tool used by Search Integration to forensically audit your Google Analytics data.

The founder of Verified Data, Brian Clifton, is also a key member of our team, giving us unrivalled insight and an unmatched ability to analyse your data.

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