Audits, SWOTs & Benchmarks

What’s holding back your success?

Understanding your website’s current performance and comparing it with competitors is crucial. We conduct audits and SWOT assessments to pinpoint your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Our traffic light system and scoring methodology makes it easy to prioritise next steps.

Regardless of your digital transformation stage we can reveal what is needed to act on and what opportunities to further explore.

Our services include:

Health Check & Audits

Detailed review of your website and digital marketing efforts, ensuring you focus resources effectively and spot any issues – similar to a digital X-ray.

SWOT Assessment

Identifying areas of strength, weakness, opportunity, and threat to guide your strategy.

Benchmark & Share of Search

Comparing your performance with competitors to uncover missed opportunities and strategies for improvement

Visitor & Search Behaviour Insights

How can you slice through data clutter and integrate research to engage the right visitors?

Businesses are swamped with data, but what they truly need are actionable insights and an understanding of how people search for their services and products. SI is dedicated to providing valuable insights on online visitor behaviour and search patterns in a language that resonates with potential customers.
In simple terms – We go beyond data collection to deliver research derived from website data, focusing on the content needed to attract more customers.

Our services include:

Online Marketing Research

Understanding how people search for your products/services.

Content Gap Analysis

Identifying keywords and queries people are searching for but can’t find on your website.

Quarterly Insights Reports

Highlighting trends and pain points from your visitor data.

Deep Dive Analysis

Focusing on specific segments or areas of your website.

Digital Marketing Performance Analysis

Identifying actions to enhance ROI.

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