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Search Integration is a digital intelligence consultancy helping ambitious businesses cut through complexity and achieve their marketing goals.

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Building compliant data collection and consent solutions

Putting data at the core to drive performance

Helping you optimise your online shelf space

Our services

Data & Compliance

Our expert consultants bridge marketing, IT, and legal teams to navigate privacy and GDPR, ensuring data governance and accuracy. We offer ongoing support and strategic insights for your digital operations.

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Visitor Insights

Understand search intent, identify content gaps, and gain actionable insights from visitor data. Our services include keyword research, content gap analysis, and detailed quarterly reports to enhance your digital strategy.

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Audits & Benchmarking

Our independent assessments, including deep-dive crawl tests and SWOT analysis, identify and address online visibility issues. Benchmark against competitors and improve overall performance.

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Consultancy & Support

Enhance your in-house capabilities with guidance in data compliance, visitor insights, SEO, and paid marketing. We provide tailored strategies, knowledge transfer, and maintain high standards.

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Digital Paid Marketing

Maximise organic traffic and use paid marketing to boost presence and generate leads. Get transparent, data-driven management or support to enhance your in-house capabilities.

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Video series

25 years of digital analytics with Brian Clifton

In addition to his role at Search Integration, Brian is an Advisory Board member of Piwik PRO – a privacy focused analytics platform. As part of this role, Brian was interviewed for a video series to explore our industry’s history, technologies and mindsets, giving you a deep understanding of digital analytics.
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