From “impossible” to “impossible to ignore”

Bozita is a premium dog and cat food brand based in Sweden. But their disconnected digital efforts – left them unranked on Google.

Our SEO team delivered a systematic overhaul of their approach, helping them achieve high rankings on multiple keywords and achieved a major digital presence.

  • Organic traffic for cat-related searches increased by 27%
  • Total impressions for the keyword “dog” in Sweden more than tripled
  • Within eight months, the brand ranked no.1 on Google for 51 keywords

Bozita is part of Doggy AB – a major Swedish business. Their products are sold in pet shops across 20 countries, but competition is fierce in every market, with multinational super brands, local producers and private label products competing for dominance.

The challenge

Bozita’s website was content heavy with information about cats and dogs, but this was not optimised for search. This resulted in a slow loading website that garnered very little traffic and did little to build the brand.

“I wasn’t satisfied with the setup,” explained Camilla Tjellström, Bozita’s Senior Brand Manager. “I wanted a much better overview, so that our digital efforts would lead to increased awareness of the brand.”

Our solution

To improve their system, SI implemented a four step plan:


1. Plan and analyse keywords

To understand which search terms were most relevant to the brand. Then, we collaborated with Bozita to prioritise these keywords and map them against existing content.

2. Recommend adjustments

To optimise existing content, internal links and on-page SEO. We integrated keywords in an appropriate way to boost rankings without harming User Experience (UX).

3. Analyse content gaps

Looking for missed opportunities where the brand could increase their reach. This meant building new content to match strategic keywords and drive more relevant traffic to the site.

4. Follow-up and optimise

By tracking performance and continually adjusting content to push Bozita’s rankings higher.

The results

As soon as we implemented our plan, the brand’s rankings jumped dramatically. And we have continued to see a steady increase in ranking for chosen keywords since.

A satisfied client

Following the initial campaign, we have continued our work with Bozita, helping them refine and expand their digital strategy in new markets.

“We have a brilliant dialogue and collaboration. Search Integration understands me and our brand to a 100 per cent. We have a common objective, and they are genuinely happy if Bozita is successful.

I also really appreciate Search Integration’s willingness to train me to become a more competent and better customer. The more I learn, the better choices we can make for the brand going forward.”


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